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Triple Six Thailand
TSP-004 : Out Now! Deathguy - Concentrate The Annihilation (Cassette)
  Triple Six Productions proudly presents: Deathguy (Cassette)   Deathguy "Concentrate The Annihilation” is the second album of a Death Metal Band from Thailand.  It was released in a CD format since 2004 by Vrykoblast Productions (Singapore) ...
TSP-003 & IH 024 : Out Now!!! Oldskull (Vinyl)
      Triple Six Productions & Inhuman Assault Productions proudly present: Oldskull (Vinyl)!! Oldskull "Oldskull of Death” is the first EP of the Old School Metal of Death act from Thailand. The vinyl contains 9 songs with around 43...
TSP-002 : Out Now!!! Dravokh - Omen (CD)
    Triple Six Productions proudly present: Dravokh (CD)!! Dravokh "Omen" is the first EP of an Indonesian Black Metal band. The CD contains 5 songs with around 18 minutes of Raw and Fast Black Metal. Limited to 300 copies only!   Song List: 1....
Vomit Remnants / Jasad - Bang-Cock Deathfest 2018 (Part I) T-Shirt
Vomit Remnants / Jasad - Bang-Cock Deathfest 2018 (Part I) t-shirts are ready for sale!! T-Shirt Brand: Gildan Ultra Cotton Available Sizes: M, L, XL and XXL Price: 600 Thai Baht Limited to 70 copies! First-come,...

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Pre-order Now!!! Oldskull / Humiliation - Split EP 7”
Written by Administrator
Tuesday, 10 October 2017 14:46


Opening pre-order now!!!

Oldskull / Humiliation - Split EP 7” ‎(130 Yellow/ 100 Blue/ 70 Black)

EP 7”: 500 THB / T-Shirt (Size S-XXXL): 500 THB / Package Deal: 950 THB

As the colored vinyls have limited amounts, the ones who pay first will have a right to choose the colors first!!!


เปิดรับ พรีออเดอร์!!!

Oldskull / Humiliation - Split EP 7” ‎(130 แผ่นสีเหลือง/ 100 แผ่นสีน้ำเงิน/ 70 แผ่นสีดำ)

EP 7”: 500 บาท / เสื้อ (มีไซส์ S-XXXL): 500 บาท / แพ็คเกจ: 950 บาท

เนื่องจากแผ่นสีมีจำนวนจำกัด ลูกค้าท่านใดชำระเงินแล้ว จะได้สิทธิ์เลือกสีแผ่นก่อน!!!